Sein Markenzeichen sind Solo-Besteigungen in großen Höhen. Mit seinem minimalistischem Approach verschreibt er sich dem “Aufbruch ins Unbekannte” – Winterbegehungen, neue Routen und unbestiegene Gipfel, für all das steht Jost. Im Alter von 25 Jahren wurde er 2018 für den Piolet d’Or gelistet, der wohl bedeutendsten Auszeichnung für außergewöhnliche Leistungen im extremen Bergsport.

"Ich folge meiner Neugierde. Ins Unbekannte. Etwas zu versuchen von dem ich nicht sicher bin, ob es überhaupt möglich ist. Dafür lebe ich."

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Earth is flat
Jost Kobusch is born far away from the mountains in Bielefeld. He grows up in nearby Borgholzhausen.
First attempts at climbing
The climbing group of the comprehensive school in Borgholzhausen creates a fascination that Jost never lets go.
Jost is climbing outdoors for the first time
"Indoor climbing is masturbating, but this was pure sex". This experience influenced Jost deeply, from now on he trains regularly. The dream of high altitude mountaineering is also born during this time.
Mt. Kenia 5199m
Jost takes part in a school exchange to Kenya. In the absence of rope partners, he extends his stay independently and starts an expedition to Mt. Kenya. It's his first mountain. The expedition fails, but he learns that mountaineering can work without a rope partner and support. The foundation stone for solo mountaineering has been laid.
Mont Blanc 4812m
Only being his third mountain ever Jost climbs in late November when he has the otherwise popular mountain to himself. It's the beginning of a risky period with rapid gain in experience - Jost refers to this time later as: "learn or die"
Pik Lenin 7134m
A few major errors cause havoc, the solo ascent ends on Pik Razdelnaya 6158m in the onset of winter.
Ama Dablam 6812m
Solo ascent, youngest solo climber. An agile ascent without safety equipment. It is Jost's first mountain in the Himalayas.
Lhotse 8561m unsupported
An earthquake triggers an avalanche that hits the base camp, Jost is right in the middle. "Surviving this was like a rebirth". Jost decides against the planned medical studies and begins a professional career in mountain sports.
Annapurna 1 8091m unsupported / without O2
Youngest German climber. At this point, the Annapurna has a death rate of over 33% and for the first time the mountains are no longer an exercise device. The youthful "learn or die" approach gives way to a maturation process: the summit becomes a bonus.
Nangpai Gossum II 7298m
Until Jost's solo ascent, the mountain was considered the fourth highest unclimbed mountain on earth. For this achievement, Kobusch was included in the 2017 selection list - Significant ascents des Piolet d’Or, probably the most important award for exceptional achievements in extreme mountain sports.
Carstenz Pyramid 4884m
First ascent of the route "the way of the ancestors" Solo and 5 more ascent of the mountain.
Amotsang 6393m
Solo first ascent in the Lower Mustang in Nepal as acclimatization for the Everest expedition.
Everest 8848m Winter Solo
At the turn of the year 2019/2020, Jost carried out a training expedition for his long-term Everest West Ridge project. At the end of February he finished the attempt at 7,360 meters after he had reached his target altitude of 7000m and the risk of continuing the expedition outweighed the benefits. Jost holds the altitude record among all expeditions this winter.


Diese Brands ermöglichen mir meine Leidenschaft zu leben.





Warum harte Arbeit häufig eine riesige Zeitverschwendung ist.